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ClearZone Heating Cables for Ice and Snow Melting
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Electric radiant heated driveway, featuring two 24-inch tire tracks with radiant heating cable installed.
  • Heated driveways and walkways remain clear during the cold winter months.
  • Electric radiant heated driveway systems enhance safety and eliminate the need for manual snow removal.
  • Radiant snowmelt systems help to protect buildings from ice and snow damage.
Installing a ClearZoneheated driveway or other electric snow and ice melting system not only can increase the value of your property, but benefit your family by enhancing safety as well. Not to mention that it eliminates the need for manual snow removal and corrosive salt and snowmelt chemicals.

ClearZone heated driveway snow melting systems operate automatically. The electric heating systems detect when areas of your driveway or walkways require snow or ice melting, and automatically switch the embedded heating cable on or off as required. Subsequently, the energy efficient heated driveway is kept free of ice and snow throughout the winter, making labor-intensive snow. (The system also features manual override capability.) Radiant heated driveway systems also increase the lifespan of the structure by preventing frost and salt damage.
Effective Heat Control Ensures Optimal Operating Economy
ClearZone controllers and sensors ensure energy-efficient operation. The radiant snowmelt system utilizes premier heat cable and minimal energy, operating only when needed, yet achieving optimal results. The electric driveway heating system activates only when precipitation is detected and temperatures are below a set point (usually set at 38 or 39 degrees). Installation and operating costs of ClearZone radiant snow melting systems are modest when considering the many immediate and long term cost-savings and advantages. Radiant heated driveways and walkways increase property values, eliminate the need to shovel and salt driveways, walkways and parking areas, and prevent costly property damage typically caused by ice, snow, salt, plowing and other manual snow removal methods.

Electric Radiant Heat - Suitable for Virtually all Surfaces
The ClearZone heated driveway and radiant snowmelt systems are safe and effective to use under just about any type of surface, including: asphalt, concrete, tile (pavers), and more. Among the many ClearZone ice and snow melting applications are: heated driveways, walkways, parking areas, outdoor steps and stairways, loading platforms, ramps and bridges, etc.
ClearZone Radiant Heat Product Offering
For electric heated driveways and radiant heat applications under surfaces with pedestrian or vehicular traffic, the ClearZone heat cable is controlled by a compact, fully automatic thermostat.
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