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How Heated Driveways Work

ClearZone Radiant Heating Systems Include:

ClearZone heating cable and mat Radiant Heating Cable

The ClearZone snow melting system uses a high quality, durable heating cable that can withstand nature's worst conditions. The ClearZone cable is UL listed and consists of a twin conductor with FEP/XLPE insulation, and polyolefin jacketing, which provides flexibility and protection. The radiant heating cable is rated at 220°F and has a minimum 10-year manufacturer warranty. The CZ cable is designed to produce 30-50 watts per square foot and provides the quickest response time. The rugged cable can even withstand the heat and compression of newly poured asphalt, and is the most reliable radiant heating snowmelt cable on the market. ClearZone heat cable can be installed under virtually any type of surface, including: concrete, asphalt, under pavers, etc.

Snowmelt Control Unit

The control units of the radiant heating systems are NEMA 1, wall-mounted control panels. The size of the control unit is based on the size and type of heating application, but the most common contactor panel size is 14x14x4-inches (which is also the largest). The controls include line and load terminal blocks and operating contactors. The automated systems also feature manual override capabilities for times when wind may have blown snow onto the surface or ice developed in shaded areas.

Snow melting system contactor panel Warmzone's UL listed master controller for heated driveway systems is compact, easy to use and fully programmable. The design of the control box is extremely robust for any weather situation, and the unit has a built-in programmable timer and digital operator interface. The user interface does not contain external mechanical parts, making it very rugged and easy to use. The small control unit UL listed for use in residential areas, which means the control system has passed the rigorous demands required to achieve the industry's highest standards of safety.

In-ground and aerial-mount snow sensors Snow Sensor Activation Device

ClearZone radiant heat systems come standard with an aerial-mounted snow sensor switch. This highly sophisticated, yet durable device automatically activates the ClearZone system when needed, and has several notable features, including: adjustable temperature trigger point, adjustable delay off cycle, upgradeable remote activation, and is smart-system compatible. The pavement-mounted snow switch is available for all systems, but is used primarily in commercial applications. With these devices, the ClearZone radiant heating systems are 100 percent automated and will turn on whenever it snows. The 4-hour timer on the control unit acts as a manual backup in case the wind blows snow on the driveway or ice forms due to wind or shade.